We help companies achieve their brand potential

“We were impressed by the care they took to understand what our people actually do all day.”

Singing from the same hymn sheet

L.E.K. is a global strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping business leaders make informed decisions. With offices across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific and over 1,200 consultants, they needed every one of their presentations to be structured consistently, as well as being fully compliant and on-brand.

They already had presentation templates which they had developed internally but, to meet the challenge, they asked us to enhance them.

A solution for the real world

Having looked at the way that their consultants worked, it became clear that the structure of their presentations and a lot of the content was fixed. That meant we could automate the creation of those elements. It would make the users’ life easier, save them time and allow them to concentrate on the task of creating content that was specific to their client.

As well as providing them with custom PowerPoint templates, we therefore gave them access to a library of content which they could insert into their presentations. This included the essential disclaimers they needed in order to ensure compliance.

Introducing the brand-checker

We also added tools, integrated with the templates, which would check that any presentation fitted with the L.E.K brand. It would automatically ensure that the consultants were using the correct colours, typeface and font size, and even that they were placing any imagery in the correct positions. The user didn’t even have to think about it.