We help companies achieve their brand potential

What we do

We don’t offer off-the-peg solutions.

The end-users of our templates are often dealing with complex information, working against the clock to get the content correct. Our aim is to make their life easier, not more complicated.

So, we start by listening to the client. What sort of tasks will their people be engaged in? What can we do to simplify them? What added value can we bring?

Clients frequently ask for our support through the entire process, from reviewing existing products to liaising with their IT department on technical matters. As a long-term partner, we frequently do more than creating custom Word and PowerPoint templates. We provide training, write bespoke applications to streamline processes, or even apply a new brand retrospectively to existing materials.

And the end-user is always front of mind. They may not be aware of what we have done. They just know their life has become a little easier, and they are now producing better looking documents, even faster.

How we do it

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We begin every project by listening. We want to discover what the client needs to achieve. More particularly, we want to understand what challenges the end-users face every day and what kind of documents they are expected to produce.

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By exploring how our templates will be used, we can find ways to simplify the steps the end-user has to follow in order to achieve the best results. Taking a considered look at the processes involved also allows us to suggest ways in which they can be streamlined.

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We develop bespoke Word and PowerPoint templates with custom toolbars which make it easy for users to keep their documents and presentations on brand. Often, we add tools for creating automatically-styled charts and tables or incorporating material from a content library.

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Consult with internal IT

There is no point in delivering templates that answer the client’s brief without ensuring their successful implementation. We work with the client’s IT department to check that any solution is compatible with the existing environment and to devise the best way to install it.

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We will often test our suggested template solution with a small group of super users. Only when we are satisfied that it works for them, and made any adjustments, will we roll it out to the entire organisation. We will also, if needed, write installers to make loading the templates easier.

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We aim to make our solutions as intuitive as possible, but a certain amount of user training is always a good idea. We can provide professional, bespoke training and/or specially created user guides and videos. If the client prefers, we can brief a third-party training company.