Slide and presentation management at it’s best


Neatly integrated into PowerPoint RightSlide connects you to your company slides and presentations, and at the same time provides a clever set of tools to help ensure that your presentations are delivered on brand and on time.


Improved productivity

Greater consistency

Brand compliant

Up to date content


A searchable library of slides, presentations, images and videos, RightSlide makes finding and sharing approved content easy. Ideal for sales and marketing departments that need to create and manage a large number of presentations from a standard set of slides, RightSlide ensures that your presentations are accurate, consistent and include up-to-date, approved slides. The functionality of RightSlide enables you to search and lock-down slides in the library, automatically update presentations with new slides, set expiry dates to withdraw slides and presentations and add watermarks to content to indicate the need for compliance approval.

Get automatically updated presentations and slides

Enhance your presentations and win more business

Automate the creation of branded charts, tables and graphs

Speed up the compliance and approval process

With RightSlide you will be in good company

Used by leading companies to manage their extensive libraries of slides and presentations including: Several world leading Asset Management companies RightSlides functionality is ideally suited to this sector, making it easy to create and update presentations requiring quarterly updates. Leading Executive Search firms RightSlide is perfect for providing users with consistently branded content for pitch presentations In fact any business that has a brand design it’s proud of and users who create company-branded presentations will benefit from RightSlide.


Because it’s securely hosted in the cloud, you can be sure that users will always have access to slides and presentations wherever they are, when they need them, and being fully supported by Meta One you can be confident that you have the backup of a first class support team should you need it.

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